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Get To Know Us

Black Eco Bloom is a powerful movement, led by young and passionate minds dedicated to making a global impact in the fight against climate change.

We're empowering Black women & gender diverse individuals across the diaspora to contribute to an ever-changing environmental movement that's inclusive of diverse voices, faces, and experiences.


Our goal is to build a more sustainable world, one that embodies empowerment, sustainability, accessibility, and intersectionality 

Here are some of the ways we're making a difference:

Mentorship & Skills Training

Community Building


Environmental Education

What We Do

Our programming centers Black, Afro-Caribbean, African and African Indigenous voices, knowledge and experiences in an effort to re-center climate and sustainability narratives to be more inclusive of Black experiences.

Our organization is dedicated to providing a dynamic platform for Black women, gender diverse individuals, and Black communities around the world.


We aim to provide unique opportunities for personal and professional growth, contributing significantly to sustainability initiatives and green sector employment. With a shared vision, we are an unstoppable force for change, committed to redefining the narrative of environmental leadership, while learning and creating alternative solutions to climate change. 

We celebrate and amplify the work of Black climate activists, scholars, elders, grassroots organizers and community members across the diaspora.


We cultivate collective intelligence & resources to engage in climate action initiatives and thrive in green sectors.


We promote environmentally just practices and fostering inclusive green industries, ensuring a resilient future that benefits everyone. 


Breaking barriers, we offer bespoke platforms, resources, and mentorship to create better access to opportunities.


We address the overlapping systems of oppression faced by black women, advocating for inclusive spaces and policies.

How We Do It

We prioritize four core values to guide our work: empowerment, sustainability, accessibility, and intersectionality. These values form the foundation of our programming and are essential in creating a meaningful, long-lasting impact within black communities and the broader climate action movement.

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