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Our Program Streams

Black Eco Bloom's programming is divided into four program streams: Community & Capacity, Climate Change from the Black Perspective, Black Women in Environment and BEB at COP. 

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Community & Capacity Building

With a collective intelligence strategy to support the adaptation of Black communities, we aim to gather and share knowledge.


Our Community & Capacity Building stream focuses on building sustainable Black communities across the globe, with the support of our community leaders, elders, teachers, and experts.


This stream creates initiatives related to sustainable education & knowledge, community building & workshops, anchoring them in the historical, cultural, and ancestral knowledge of the Black African Diaspora. 

Check out our current initiatives: 

African Indigenous Knowledge Research


The aim of our African Indigenous Knowledge Project (AIK) is to understand environmental sustainability through an African Indigenous lens. Often the idea of Indigeneity in Africa is dismissed, the focus of this project is to shift the lens from the voices of colonial legacies and governments and center the discussion on sustainability practices of African Indigenous communities and traditional African knowledge. 

STARCAP Community Training


Learn More

As part of our commitment to community and capacity building, Black Eco Bloom has collaborated with the STARCAP program to offer access to environmental education. This program provides participants with access to an online course. Our second cohort is now open for registration!

Applications for 2023 are now closed. 

CCBP Anchor

Climate Change from the Black Perspective  (CCBP)


Through CCBP, our goal is to amplify the historically underrepresented and unique voices of Black women, Black trans women, and Black non-binary individuals who have disproportionately been affected by environmental racism.


Environmental racism continues to permeate every facet of society and way of life for many BIPOC communities.


With an intersectional approach, CCBP will showcase the issues that, so often, get lost in environmental justice discourse and seek solutions that center around the communities that have been omitted thus far.

Story submissions & subscriptions will be available in January 2024 !


Here's how CCBP is making a difference: 

Amplifying Underrepresented



You can submit your climate stories through our website for a chance to be featured on our platform as part of CCBP.


BEB will filter and edit submissions to ensure they align with our project submission guidelines.


Intersectional Analysis


​We create easy-to-digest content exploring how climate change intersects with various socio-economic and political topics, such as Climate Change & Conflict and Climate Change & Agricultural Workers. 

Our content is shared on social media, with longer versions available through our newsletter subscription.


CCBP Newsletter


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The option to donate what you can to receive full content through our "donate what you can" option.



Blooming Without Boundaries:
Black Eco Bloom at COP

Real Climate action cannot happen without a deliberate commitment to environmental justice. There are undeniable disparities in how communities worldwide experience climate change.  Our mission is to create a more equitable presence in spaces dedicated to climate action and ensure that voices from across the black diaspora are connected, uplifted, and heard.

At COP, our goal is to expose the realities of climate injustice affecting black communities worldwide and demand a more inclusive effort toward sustainable solutions.

Effective climate action cannot exist without inclusive consideration. 


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