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At Black Eco Bloom, we believe in the power of education and community-based solutions to tackle environmental issues. Through our initiatives, we aim to raise awareness about sustainability and climate change, and empower individuals to take action towards a more sustainable future.


As an organization, we prioritize diversity and inclusion, and are focused on supporting Black women and gender diverse individuals in climate action leadership. We believe that an intersectional approach to environmentalism is crucial in understanding environmental inequities experienced in Black communities.


Through Black women-led climate action, we strive to create a more sustainable future for all, one that is rooted in community and equity.


Join us in our mission to promote sustainability and combat climate change around the globe!

Our Program Streams


Black Women in Environment

Community & Capacity Building

Dedicated to supporting Black women, Black transgender women and Black non-binary individuals in the green sector, through access to resources, mentoring opportunities, education and skills building.​

Supporting the development of sustainable Black communities globally through a collective intelligence strategy. The Community & Capacity Building stream aims to broaden our impact and draw communities closer through knowledge-sharing initiatives. 

Blooming Without Boundaries
(COP Project)

Climate Change from Black Perspectives

Highlighting our presence at COP and our contributions to climate action conversations with other networks, communities, and organizations. Our goal is to challenge the status quo and create a more inclusive presence in traditionally unequal spaces.

Amplifying historically underrepresented voices across the Black diaspora, CCBP aims to raise global awareness by sharing stories that highlight the disproportionate impact of climate change. We'll showcase the perspectives that get little attention in traditional media. 

Get to Know Our Work

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